Annual Report

Below is some research conducted in KAIST for the past few years

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  • The Discovery of Supersolidity and Verification of Its Existence

    The Center for Supersolid and Quantum Matter Research collaborated with RIKEN to verify the existence of "supersolidity". In 2004, Center Head Professor Eunseong Kim first discovered this novel quantum mechanical phase of matter, which exhibits properties that are different from conventional gases, liquids, and solids.

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  • Production of Polylactic Acid Using Escherichia Coli

    While convenient as disposable products, plastics are not biodegradable, and hence often cause environmental problems. However, with the development of an environment??riendly plastic that can easily be degraded by bacteria, the use of plastics and the environment-friendly

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  • High Performance Ultracapacitors Based on Nitrogen-doped Graphene

    It is difficult to imagine a world without electricity. From computers and car dashboards to household appliances, practically everything that we utilize in our daily lives uses electricity. Behind this modern 'electricity civilization' lies the hidden role of capacitors. Capacitors play a critical role of storing electricity and supplying it to various devices

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  • The Core Technology for 5G Mobile Communication Technology

    LTE, which has recently been a key word in the field of mobile communications, is being labeled as 4G mobile communications due to its superior speed over CDMA??ased technology. Although LTE has not propagated as a common consumer technology yet,