Annual Report

Below is some research conducted in KAIST for the past few years

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  • Visualization and Control of Reaction in Protein

    One of the most important factors in drug development is to find a suitable candidate. Many drug candidates fail during a variety of clinical trials, and knowledge of the exact mechanism of the interaction between the drug and the target protein may help find the candidate that survives such clinical trials and successfully work in the target disease.

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  • Demonstration for how Proteins Recognize Their Cognate Ligands

    It will be possible to more accurately demonstrate complex biological phenomena in living organisms and eventually in humans. Furthermore, we can understand how various diseases are caused by the errors in specific ligand recognition by proteins in cells. Through this, we can develop therapeutics with greater efficacy in treating diseases.

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  • Dexterous Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand Of High Degree Of Freedom

    The number of amputees who lose the functionality of hands or fingers has been increasing due to natural disasters,
    industrial accidents and, in particular, diseases. In 2033, they visited Korea to receive operations on their arm for a
    robotic hand in a hospital.

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  • Low-power Next Generation 100gbps Ethernet Transceiver ic

    By 2020, Full HD/Ultra HD IPTV and mobile streaming services will become prevalent, and cloud services will be
    an indispensable part of our daily lives, necessitating the provision of high bandwidth in the base stations and
    data centers.

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  • Mining Tera-Scale Graphs

    Graph mining aims to find patterns and anomalies in graphs which are used to model various objects including
    computer network, social network, protein-protein interaction network, etc.

  • 09
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  • World's First Handheld Sound Camera

    In the midst of the Pacific Ocean, sailor A finds a strange noise coming from the engine room of his deep-sea fishing
    vessel. However, he cannot figure out what the exact sound or problem is. Sailor A decides to use a handheld sound
    camera to capture a noise video and to send it to an expert on land.